До Нового года 12 часов!

Итоги года!

Барабанная дробь…

Не нашли новогоднее настроение?

Без смеха было бы скучно.

Когда впервые начали отмечать новый год в России?


Новогодний playlist вот что нам сейчас всем нужно!

Театр «Точка» предлагает Вам встретить Новый год вместе с нашим Дедушкой Морозом и Снегурочкой!

Сегодня мы предлагаем вам приготовить вкусные печенья с шоколадом!

Let’s keep the unique Tochka theater together!

📌 Let’s keep the unique Tochka theater together!📌
Especially for our English-speaking friends.
👀 Dear friends,
In September 2021, the big birthday of The Tochka Theater will take place. This year we are going to celebrate the 7th birthday. We are planning to have an amazing party, but this event might not take place because of some reasons.
The most important reason is our theater will cease to exist as a place of creative activity.
🆘 Covid and lockdown brought the theater to the brink of extinction. We haven’t played for more than 9 months. There was no audience in our theater and this led to almost a financial crisis of it. Now the theater halls are opened but the income does not allow us to maintain our theater and provide for its life.
Together with the site planeta.ru we invite you, our audience, friends and acquaintances, to take part in the preservation of our theater. By visiting the project’s website, you can support our theater.
🙏🏻We need about 700,000 rubles for keeping our theater.
We hope to keep our theater together with you, our audience and our kindred spirits from all over our planet.
If you take part in the fundraiser, we will definitely thank you! We have T-shirts, hoodies, caps, backpacks and various accessories as well.
👇 All the details can be found by clicking on the link attached to this video.

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